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  1. Dear PowerCharts Gurus, We are already using FusionCharts v3 successfully for most of our projects. We need something very similar to what is provided in the PowerCharts v3 ErrorBar2D chart. We have been testing successfully using the Powercharts evaluation SWF files. However, before we can purchase a full licence, we need to know if the following tweaks are possible: -1: Can we NOT show the vertical section of the "error bar"? i.e. we only want to have the horizontal component of the "error bar" visible? -2: Can we forcibly set what we wish the tooltip to show on the "error bar" element? i.e. not show the "error value", but instead show some other value that we would define in code behind. -3: Is it possible to show a label on the "error bar" element (in conjunction with the tooltip), and can this also be progammatically defined? FYI: we're using VB.NET/VS 2010 and dynamically generate the XML on the fly. Any suggestions or pointers to other fusion chart possibilities also welcome. Thank you, Paul.
  2. One minor issue that I found when using the hoverText attribute for the Gantt task element was that it included the start and end dates ... In my implementation I was using the FI2_Gantt to display in minutes and hours for a production scheduling application and I set up a database table that aligned dates with minutes/hours/days .... therefore I was only interested in the dates for generating the required FC XML.... It would be nice if the next version of hoverText (or perhaps now toolText in v3?) would NOT automatically insert the start and end date/time in the text that is displayed ...