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  1. Dear All: does any one tried to use combination chart with a javascript function to allow user to enable/disable (appear /disappear) the line or bar in a combination chart? this was because i have a combination with massive data inside, i would to enable user to view / select only the categories (line or bar) during their presentations. this will make user clear to view the chart. many thanks. chusoon
  2. Dear administrator: thanks for powerful chart. It was helping a lot to us. but i having some problems with exporting the chart to jpeg. Here my xml: the xml if workable, display nice chart......all function for the chart workable except for exporting the chart. when i try export, it workable, but it return me with a bmp file instead of jpeg file i specify in the "exportFormarts". any one know where the problems is? thanks a lot. chusoon
  3. Dear: any ideas we can solve the problems for overlap value display? thanks
  4. Export to jpeg not function well.

    hi Basundhara Ghosal: yes........it was happen only first time. it return a bmp file type...... after i try to save a again. it was return as your print screens....... i was using IE 8, RHEL3, PHP4 with GD configured......any clued may cause this problems? and i do not know why it return file extension _php, and HTML Document. but if i open it, it will show bmp file but i not able direct save it thanks chusoon
  5. Export to jpeg not function well.

    HI Basundhara Ghosal Here the file i used: http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Attachment1969.aspx Would be server problems? I have check the PHP setting, it was with GD configuration. attached some screen shot for your references. thanks. chusoon
  6. Export to jpeg not function well.

    HI Basundhara Ghosal: i did. attached my xml file for your references thanks chusoon 095381546_2_20100225123239.xml
  7. Export to jpeg not function well.

    it was successful capture the chart but return as BMP file instead of jpg which i specify at xml file. can you help to figure which part i am doing wrong? thanks
  8. Export to jpeg not function well.

    HI Mad. sorry for late replay....i was using the the test package..... some time it was able to return with jpg/gif..but some time not (returm bmp)... would it be the server problems. i have attached the package. thanks chusoon
  9. Line Chart Problems

    Dear All: does any one experiences the problems (print screen attached) which the number of line overlap each other? any solutions for this? thanks chusoon
  10. Line Chart Problems

    hi Madhumita: thanks for ur reply. i know that feature, but due to the X-values of the line chart was not fixed. It was look not nice if only few "x-values" was selected. any other solutions? thanks a a lot. chusoon
  11. Dear: any ideas to hide the total value of the Multi-series Stacked Column 2D? I try put showValue = '0' under the tags, but it hide the sub portion of the bar. I would like hide the total value of the bar but show the value for each individual portion on the bar. My Code: .... .... ....
  12. hi Madhumita: millions thanks... chusoon
  13. Hi: i have try out the demo but u found some styling problem and i cant find the variable to set. i try generate a line graph and set showValues = '1' but some value was overwrite by the line i plot. How can i fixed? thanks.
  14. HI Sudipto Choudhury thanks for quick reply. i have attached my problem. can you take a look see what variable should i set. many thanks. chusoon