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  1. Thanks Rishab, That worked Would follow that suggestion. Please let me know what are the duplicate attributes did I use ?
  2. Hi Rishab, The version which I am using is : FusionCharts in the Page. @version: v3.2.2.2: <chart borderAlpha='0' animation='0' showToolTip='0' editMode='1' lowerLimit='5.5' upperLimit='6' gaugeRoundRadius='0' showTickMarks='0' showGaugeLabels='1' pointerOnTop= '0' pointerRadius='10' pointerBgAlpha='80' pointerBorderThickness='1' pointerBorderColor='000000' pointerBgColor='ffffff' showToolTip='0' decimals='0' showLimits='0' showValue='0' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='0' decimals='0' palette='5' autoScale='0' gaugeBorderThickness='3' baseFontColor='000000' gaugeFillMix='{color},{FFFFFF}' gaugeFillRatio='50,50' manageResize='1' chartTopMargin='13' chartLeftMargin='1' chartRightMargin='2' chartBottomMargin='-8' ticksBelowGauge='0' tickMarkDistance='3' valuePadding='-2' pointerRadius='5' majorTMColor='000000' majorTMNumber='3' minorTMNumber='4' minorTMHeight='4' majorTMHeight='8' showShadow='0' > <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='2' code='8B0000' /><color minValue='3' maxValue='7' code='008000' /></colorRange><value>5</value><annotations><annotationGroup id='GAUGELABELS' showBelow='0'><annotation type='text' x='65' y='30' font='Georgia' size='11' isBold='1' alpha='10' color='FFFFFF' label='A2' align='center' /><annotation type='text' x='215' y='30' font='Georgia' size='11' isBold='1' alpha='10' color='FFFFFF' label='A1' align='center' /></annotationGroup></annotations><styles><definition><style name='Font1' type='font' face='Georgia' size='11' color='FFFFFF' bold='1' align='center' valign='middle' /></definition><application><apply toObject='GAUGELABELS' styles='Font1' /></application></styles></chart> Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  3. Hi Team, I have an issue related to IE9 when using linear gauge. The labels text are not clearly visible when we use IE 9. It works fine in chrome and IE8. Please help me in fixing this issue in IE9. Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  4. Click on a state in a map and call an ajax method

    Hi Team, I am using a USA.swf file for Maps. Could you please tell me how can i do that for a swf files. Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  5. Hi Team, I would like to know if there is any way to have an ajax call on click of a state in the map. Please help me out and let me know if you need any further details. Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  6. Linear Gauge Updates

    Hi Team, Could you please let me know how to get the label value of the Linear Gauge on the FC_ChartUpdated event. Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  7. Why Event Rollover And Rollout Cannot Work In Ie9/ie8/chrome

    Hi Sumedh and Team, I tried editing the global settings as mentioned in the above link. But still no luck. Could you please guide me what else I might need to do? Thank You. Regards, Prashant.
  8. Why Event Rollover And Rollout Cannot Work In Ie9/ie8/chrome

    Hi Team, Thanks for the solution you provided. But I was not able to get the result in IE8/ IE9 or chrome. I was getting the result in FireFox. Please help me out in fixing this issue. Attached is the screenshot for reference. Thank You. Regards Prashant.