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  1. How do I keep the same chart-settings

    Please, can you calrify this for me. First, when you ask me to do this is it then because you know it will work. You sound as it just worth a try... Secondly I am not sure what you mean. Should I remove the chart-settings from the xml-files and place them in the html-page. How and where exactly And should the xml-files start like this <..../> and then what should happen inside the movie.... Please explain more detailed....
  2. How do I keep the same chart-settings

    I do not know Ajax, so what exactly should I do in step 1.
  3. I have 100 xml-files that Im changing between. The chart-settings should be the same for them all, but sometimes I have to change them. Can it really be true that I have to change the chart-setting for every document or can I enter the settings once inside my movie to make it the basic chartsettings for all my Pies. When I say chart-setting Im talking about showValue, baseFontColor and so on...
  4. I want to show the economy for each of 50 different countries as a 3DPIE, so when I click on each country - either on a map or as text - the 3DPIE will redraw itself with the new value input. I really think its a little to much having to publish 50 different xml-files. So how do I do that in just one xml-file.