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  1. stacked column for combination chart

    Apprently, if you use javascript renderer (I think flash renderer works, too) and StackedColumn3DLine and you can have area, too, by setting renderAs to "area". In this case, you can have stacked column, area and line. However, stacked area is impossible since it doesn't support any types of combination chart. Also, I don't think overlapColumns is supported in any charts as I've tried to use it in varies type of charts so I don't know why it's there in the documentation.
  2. stacked column for combination chart

    Yes I wanted to include stacked columns and areas in 3D Combination Chart (single Y). I saw a property called "overlapColumns". From what I've seen, area is impossible but can you achieve stacked columns through cosmetics or dataset properties?
  3. stacked column for combination chart

    Hi, I am using javascript rendered 3D combination charts (single Y). I was wondering if stacked column is possible. I noticed the attribute "overlapColumns" is applicable to dataset but it's doesn't work when I set it to "1". Any suggestions or is it not possible. Thanks
  4. clickURL overwrites all interactive elements

    I completely forgot about this topic... It doesn't help. However, I did find a workaround. I just disable the clickURL function whenever "legendItemClicked" event is fired because, for me, all I need it interactive legend.
  5. Interactive Legend not working in lightbox display

    I sort of fixed it...It would seem that fancybox is the only lightbox display that will work. Nevertheless, thanks.
  6. Interactive Legend not working in lightbox display

    I am using 3.2.3-sr2.6105 I'm not allowed to post a screenshot for our ongoing development. I don't think it would require a screenshot. The problem is pretty self explanatory. The interactive legend that's suppose to toggle value/dataset on and off doesn't work in a lightbox display under javascript renderer. The event "legenditemclicked" doesn't even fire. This happens for all lightbox displays. Thanks
  7. Hi, Currently I am using javascript renderer for fusioncharts. When I open the chart in a lightbox (prettyPhoto, Shadowbox, etc.), the interactive legend isn't working anymore. But for flash renderer it does work. I also turned on the debug mode and I noticed that even the event is not firing. Any help would be great, thanks.
  8. Hi, I noticed that clickURL for the chart will overwrite all other interactive elements for the chart. For example, the legend toggle for series. The interactive element being clicked will still fire but the clickURL will do, too. I also noticed that someone reported this bug 3 years ago. I am wondering if it's fixed or is there a workaround for this. Thanks