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  1. I am using the commercial version of FusionCharts (3.2.1). I am using FusionCharts with a Java/J2EE Web application, utilizing the fcexporter and fcexporthandler jars. My application attempts to perform an export of one or more charts to the server by invoking the exportChart Javascript method as follows: FusionCharts('theChart').exportChart({ exportFormat: 'JPG' }); My code follows the example for server-side export as found in the FusionCharts documentation. The problem is that this process takes a very long time. I am finding that the server-side code is taking upwards of 5 minutes to create the image and respond back to the client with the Javascript callback. The charts that I am working with are not large or complex, they are about as simple as you can get. Any ideas as to why this process is taking so long? This feature is basically unusable with such slow performance. Thanks, Rob