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  1. Proble with RenderAs='Line'

    I have a Xml like this: <chart caption='Media Semanal' > <categories fontSize='9'><category label='LUNES' /><category label='MARTES' /><category label='MIERCOLES' /><category label='JUEVES' /><category label='VIERNES' /><category label='SABADO' /><category label='DOMINGO' /></categories> <dataset seriesName='Impresiones Totales' ><set value='434,33' /><set value='439,69' /><set value='557,07' /><set value='462,62' /><set value='342,13' /><set value='214,69' /><set value='267,5' /></dataset> <dataset seriesName='Impresiones Ultima Semana' renderAs='Line' showValues='1'><set value='472' /><set value='461' /><set value='302' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset> </chart> In my chart the second dataset is a bar,not a line like must be. Please help me,i