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  1. X Axis Labels as Links using JSON

    Thank You for your response. I already have links on my data points but I also wanted different links on the axis labels. I'm not sure if there is a workaround for JSON yet.
  2. Javascript Export exportenabled=1 is not working

    I figured out my problem, I create my charts in a dialog and the export menu was appearing under that dialog. So I set the z-index of the export menu high so it appears in front of the chart
  3. Hello, I added exportenabled:1 to my chart and the export icon appears in the top right of the chart as expected. However, if I click on the export icon nothing happens. There is no dropdown menu of the export types. I have the following below: (chart appears perfectly). I was referencing this page: var fusionData = { chart: { caption :, SubCaption : "", xaxisname:xaxis, yaxisname:yaxis, numberPrefix:"$", slantLabels:1, enableRotation:1, palette : 1, animation : 1, pieslicedepth : 30, startingangle : 90, showvalues:showValues, exportenabled: 1, exportShowMenuItem:1 },
  4. X Axis Labels as Links using JSON

    anyone have any suggestions on this?
  5. X Axis Labels as Links using JSON

    oh? im trying to replicate this: but using JSON
  6. X Axis Labels as Links using JSON

    Hello, I am trying to have each data label on the x-axis be a link that links to another page. Example: data labels are months, so the label 'Jan' should be a clickable link that goes to a new page. Currently I am trying to do something in JSON like this: styles: { definition: [ { name: "labelLinks", isHTML:"1", type: "font", font: "Arial", size: "24", color: "666666", link: "" // CAN I DO THIS???? } ], application: [ { toobject: "DataLabels", styles: "labelLinks" } ] } I have read you can add an anchor tag in XML to make it a link but how would I do this using JSON? Thank You