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  1. Printing long gantt chart

    Hi Rajroop, Do you have any timescale as to when this issue will be looked at. I am currently developing an application which my users are requesting to be able to print a readable gantt chart view. I have looked at a similar product at http://www.anychart.com/products/anygantt/overview/ which supports the multi-page print out requirement. I need to make a decision on what to do, as its a priority with my current users. I have purchased a license for the fusionwidgets on the basis that the print capability was there, but in the circumstances above it falls short. Can you let me know asap. Many thanks, Ritchie.
  2. Printing long gantt chart

    Hi Rajroop, After a little more testing, I found that if I just have a couple of gantt lines in a chart, the printout works fine but once the number of lines increased to a rate whereby the chart need to be spanned over multiple pages, it cramps the chat into the one page which makes the chart width smaller and the font unreadable. Can you make this a priority bug as the print process for gantt charts, with multiple rows, is not viewable. Many thanks, Ritchie.
  3. Printing long gantt chart

    Hi Rajroop, Many thanks for the swift reply.....the problem with the Gantt chart compared to the others is that it required different dimensions based on the number of rows required to set the overall chart height/width. What I'm finding is that the printout looks nothing like the flash object rendered in a web browser. Its small and cramped....I think a bit of work needs to be done on this. What I also find is that if I set the width of the chart div to something like 900 pixels, when I print this, it only covers half the width of the print page, leaving a lot of white space on the right. Would there be a way to fill up all the empty whitespace on a printout regardless of what size it is rendered in a browser aswell as spanning it over multiple pages. My only solution at the moment, is to set the chart div width to something like 2000px and make all the fonts rather large. Another issue is that if the names in the process list on rather detailed and contain a lot of characters, they get truncated and removed from the view which is definitely not ideal. They should be wrapped and on display. Many thanks, Ritchie.
  4. Printing long gantt chart

    Hi Guys, Is there any response to this. If you print a gantt chart that has multiple rows, it should span the print across multiple pages and maintain the appearance as is. Rgds, Ritchie.
  5. Printing

    Hi Dhruva, Many thanks for your reply. If I try to call 2 consecutive print calls, it just generates one Pie Chart printout and a separate grid chart printout. I am looking to have both the pie chart and grid in the same print? Is this possible? Rgds, Ritchie.
  6. Printing

    Hey there, Is it possible to print both a 3D chart and Grid in the same print call? I have a pie chart and grid underneath, I can print either or but not both at the same time? Any help?