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  1. Pop-up Links not popping

    Hi. I've solved my own problem. Thanks for your time. Rob --
  2. Pop-up Links not popping

    Hi Dhruva , Thanks for the welcome. Yes, the link opens in the same tab in both Firefox and IE 7. Thanks, Rob --
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem with the code to create a pop-up window on pie-chart pieces. I'm creating the XML for the chart in VB.NET and in the set field I add the line: link='P-detailsPopUp,width=400,height=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no-" & Server.UrlEncode("/../../Reports/ProductOrders.aspx?Prod=" & tRow.Cells(0).Text) & "' />" The problem is that the navigation is fine, but it doesn't open a new window to do it. Please help!