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  1. Hi. Actually i am trying to delete all text info from chart. and trying to to delete all not need spaces like margin etc. but space at bottom not going out. i am sending this xml into MSArea.swf. please help to fix this. my xml file attached data.xml
  2. image in charts

    Hi All. Is there some way input image into charts. Or will be realized in new version? Exactly what i need is: whan there is no data i want input nice "no data" image enstead of this ugly message "There is no data". will be nice is something like following code will work: <chart> <image src='somepath' /> </chart>
  3. hidde show chart

    hi no. i mean flash chart reloads fully(it's downloading xml, doing animation etc.). not just redraws. will be nice if it just redraw downloaded data without any loading and animations. i think this problem similar as whan i trying to resize chart. seems this will be fixed on next major version. right thank you
  4. hidde show chart

    Hi All i have next problem: for some reason i need to disable layer where placed this flash chart. whan i showing this layer again chart content reloads. but i not changed anything except of visibility. is there any way to not reload chart conent if layer visibility was changed? thank you
  5. Auto resize problem

    cool. any idea whan will be next major version? thanks
  6. Auto resize problem

    Hi but pixel based size will not give me autoresize ability. i need autoresize chart if browser was resized. can you show me example what you mean please? Thank you
  7. Auto resize problem

    Hi All. First thing i want to say is 'I like your charts'. Currently trying to make it autoresizeable. I found documentation about it here so i added new param 'scaleMode=exactFit' and it worked. But it is wrong. It resizing all: lines, fonts, anything on chart. It should just redraw chart data depend on new chart size. i can show example here here resizing works properly. don't think it is spam. i realy like fusion charts and using it in my project. but i am wondering it cant normaly autoresized. may be i am making something wrong? i realy not need resize all visible chart data like fonts, line width, margin, etc. Look how makes it at open-flash-charts. Thank You