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  1. Drill-down with JavaScript function as link

    Much appreciated!
  2. Testing moving from 3.11.3 to 3.12.x branch and notice that hyphens are now considered special characters. I am not using the j- prefix style, so it doesn't need to split based on the hyphen to get the function name or anything. Currently I have drill downs similar to the below that are passing ISO formatted dates, which get mangled.
  3. Gantt DataURL update problem

    Wonderful that worked. If only I had thought to do that ...
  4. Gantt DataURL update problem

    We have a Gantt chart showing the jobs lined up on a resource that is fed by a external XML document. The problem is the first time that the chart requests the XML document it does not ask for the complete URL. It is supposed to request something similar to "http://mrc:8012/mrcjava/servlet/MRCCKS.I00571s?slnk=1&DTDEPT=DFT04", but only asks for "http://mrc:8012/mrcjava/servlet/MRCCKS.I00571s?slnk=1" on the initial render. If you tell it to setDataURL() again with the full path again right away it will correctly request the URL. Here is my code showing that one half of a second after the chart renders the first time you can tell it to update the URL again it will have retrieved the correct XML since it requested the correct URL. I verified this was the problem with Firebug in FireFox. -- in the head -- -script type="text/javascript"- var objChart; var strDataURL = "http://mrc:8012/mrcjava/servlet/MRCCKS.I00571s?slnk=1&DTDEPT=DFT04"); function refreshPage() { objChart.setDataURL(strDataURL); } -/script- -- In the Body -- -div id="chart1div"--/div- -script type="text/javascript"- objChart = new FusionCharts("../FusionCharts/Gantt.swf", "chart1Id", "100%", "100%", "0", "1"); objChart.setTransparent(true); objChart.setDataURL(strDataURL); objChart.render("chart1div"); setTimeout('refreshPage()', 500); /* Refresh timer. 60000 milliseconds per minute */ -/script-