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  1. "Object doesn

    Sorry, but that didnt solve my problem Still same error.
  2. "Object doesn

    Yes! Flash 10 and IE8
  3. "Object doesn

    Okey! Now I have located the error.. In my code im using the rounded corners extension like this ajaxToolkit:RoundedCornersExtender ID="rce" runat="server" TargetControlID="StandardBox" BorderColor="#A7A6A6" Radius="10" Color="White" Corners="All" /> If I remove this from the Panels, then the export works. How come? Im clueless Regards! /Mats
  4. "Object doesn

    Hello again! I have no duplicate IDs but in my search for the error I have made a new discovery. to get my chart to render at my site I use: <%= Chartfunction(550 , 300 , "ChartId") %> and this is placed inside several asp:Panel tags to get the right design on the page. If I put the <%= Chartfunction(550 , 300 , "ChartId") %> outside these Panels I can do an export. Otherwise I get an javascript error. Still only in IE, not FF?? What could be the problem? Sorry for my terrible english. Regards! /Mats
  5. "Object doesn

    Hello Team! I implement fusioncharts to our website and would like help with something. I get javascript errors in IE but not in FF when I try to export the charts. The error I am getting is "Object doesn
  6. Hi! I want slimmer columns in my 3D-Charts but the plotSpacePercent-value is not giving me any respone? It works in other 3D-Charts like MSColumn3D.swf but not in StackedColumn3D.swf? Thankful for answers!
  7. Grip Component Surfix

    Is it possible to show surfixes in the Grid Component? I want the output to look like: "100gr" insted of just "100" Thanks!