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  1. Is there a way to set the lower limit of the y-axis on a line chart to a label such as "<10"? I know this can be done on angular gauges but I don't know about line charts. This is absolutely critical for graphing any type of experimental data with a lower detection limit. Thanks
  2. Timeline Based charts

    You cannot plot time on the x-axis of fusion charts. As far as I know, they have no plans to implement this feature.
  3. Thank you for the response. I should be able to work around this for now.
  4. HTML Encoded "<" sign throws error

    Can you replicate the problem now on your end?
  5. I'm trying to set the gauge limits from 0 to 0.1, but the upperLimit always stays at 1. I cannot set the upper limit to less than 1. If I set the upperLimit to 0.5, the chart still goes to 1. The upperLimit of the chart will not go lower than 1. If I enter any number less than 1, the gauge just goes to 1.
  6. Am I doing something wrong? With FusionCharts 3.1.1 the code is as follows. Thanks for the help. <chart lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='0.1' > <dials> <dial value='0' rearExtension='10' baseWidth='10'/> </dials> </chart>
  7. HTML Encoded "<" sign throws error

    Well at least I know I'm not crazy. I'm not sure why you guys are having so much trouble replicating the error. It's very simple. With FusionCharts 3.1.1 <chart lowerLimitDisplay="<" > <dials> <dial value="0" rearExtension="10" baseWidth="10"/> </dials> </chart> Replace < with > and it works fine.
  8. Y Axis Minimum value is being ignored (Free Charts)

    Well I have the paid version of fusion charts and I do know how to enter empty data. I guess my question is, what is the purpose of this functionality? If I set the yAxisMinValue='10' and enter an empty value, the Y axis should remain at 10. Empty values are not graphed, so autoscaling the axis does not seem to serve any purpose except to make the charts behave in unexpected ways. This seems like a bug to me, unless I am missing something.
  9. Y Axis Minimum value is being ignored (Free Charts)

    I hate to necro-post, but Sudipto's solution does not work. Fusion charts sets "alpha=0" values to null and then treats them as zero and resets yAxisMinValue. I'm not familiar with any programming standard where null = 0, so I don't understand why this is not treated as a bug. It ruins an otherwise perfectly good chart. Does anyone at least have a good workaround or fix for this? I have made a few attempts to no avail.
  10. When I try to use < on the lowerLimitDisplay property of an angular gauge, I get an XML error. However if I use > , which is the > sign, it works fine. Is this a known bug and is there a workaround? A response one way or another would be appreciated. thanks.
  11. Trend Zones

    Well, if you set the endValue to the highest data point, the margin above the point is still white and it looks really lame. Also, if the highest point doesn't cross the endValue but the margin does, the trend area will not show up in the margin above your data point. I like fusion charts and I'm a paying customer, but this is kind of silly. How hard could it be to set the default endValue to the actual top or bottom of the chart? It's been almost 3 years since this was put on the wish list.
  12. Well my project uses a somewhat complex SQL query, but I will make a simple example to illustrate the bug. Note that the zero gets dropped and the graph line is broken. categories.Append("<categories> <category label='Jun' /> <category label='Jul' /> <category label='Aug' /> <category label='Sep' />"); values.Append("<dataset seriesname=''> <set value='100' /> <set value='1000' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='1000' />"); categories.Append("</categories>"); values.Append("</dataset>"); //Generate the graph element System.Text.StringBuilder sbXML = new System.Text.StringBuilder(); sbXML.Append("<chart caption='Caption' yAxisName='YAxis' xAxisName='Date' rotateNames='0' showNames='1' showValues='0' decimals='3' lineColor='FCB541'>"); sbXML.Append(categories.ToString()); sbXML.Append(values.ToString()); sbXML.Append("</chart>"); return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("../FusionCharts/LogMSLine.swf", "", sbXML.ToString(), sChrtName, "400", "350", false);
  13. Hi, I'm having a problem with the LogMSLine chart dropping zero values and also ignoring YAxisMinValue = '0'. I am quite sure my xml formatting is correct because it plots all other values fine and this works with other charts. Does anyone know how to fix this?