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  1. For one of the project, we have been using trial version of FusionCharts. Later we got the licensed version of it. But the Fusion Chart doesn't load with the licensed version of SWF's. It works with evaluation version. Would like to know if licensed version of FusionChart.swc is also required? If so from where can I download it? Request your help on this.
  2. Resolved the issue. Used ChartNoDataText attribute. During load of the page, I set an empty arraycollection to FusionChart and that displayed the default text. Thanks Dhruva for your help.
  3. In .swf file I have data grid and Fusion Charts. On load I first fetch values for data grid. With these values I try to draw the fusion chart. So till the fusion chart is formed I want to display a text like "Loading.. " or "Fetching data to display... ". Am aware that there is an attribute ChartNoDataText. I guess it displays only when chart is not feeded with proper data. Could anyone help me on this??