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  1. Using DrawingPad with annotation

    To be frank, I don't use Fusion chart annotation tool to add annotation tag to chart images, but with a third party image annotation add-on, which allows to combine the annotation application with chart image and draw and add annotation tag to chart image easily.
  2. Save The Chart Image - Backend Process

    Yes, at present, fusion charts only supports saving multiple charts images into a whole single file. If you really need to save the image into several seperate files, you can search for a certain third party image saving plugin to finish the task before fusion charts works out the required chart image exporting and saving tool.
  3. Your solution is a good example for me to solve my annoation creation and annotation object displaying problems, hope i am lucky enough to fix the problem.
  4. save as image

    Try integrating and implementing an image saving add-on to the chart exporting application.
  5. Auto Save Image

    Yes, we can refer to the exportAction attribute to save the chart as usually used image formats, such as jpeg, bmp, png, gif or tiff. As the image saving and image downloading functions are two seperate options, you can only save image first and then downloading it.
  6. Context Menu To Download Chart to Png

    I only know how to I convert Fusionchart SVG to image format, such as png, gif, or jpeg, but I don't know how to convert Fusionchart SVG tO DataUrl. SVG is a vector image format, and png, gif, bmp or jpeg is raste image files, it is quite easy to convert vector image to raster image as long as you refer to a mature image converter, then load and click the convert button, you can get raste image formats.
  7. I agree with following steps to save to pdf document: 1. Batch export the charts and save them as images. 2. When the export callback function is raised call the PDF generator to convert the entire page into PDF. 3. Now use PHP library functions to overlay the exported chart images at the required positions in the generated PDF file. Or you may try to use a pdf converting tool to directly convert the chart as image.
  8. To be honest, I know a little on how to convert FusionMaps to image, but if the FusionMaps is in daily used image or document formats, you can refer to an image converting library to convert the FusionMaps and the contained card into any raster and vector image files, for example, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tiff, svg or even psd.
  9. button to save the chart as pdf

    Yes, here is another presumption, can I implement the chart into a pdf saving plugin that can directly export and save as pdf document instead of using the button or right clicking on the chart and saving it to pdf?
  10. I am using a pdf saving pro, which is desinged to run within .net framework. Each time I need to save the loaded file into pdf document, I just need to run and debug the pdf getting started application, the file will be automatically stored and exported in pdf document.
  11. Save Charts As Image

    If you are going to export and save the charts directly as images, such as JPG/JPEG/PNG/PDF directly without rendering it in the browser, you may integrate an image saving plugin within your ipage loading application. Of course, you need to be sure that the image saving add-on should be compatible with your currently used application.
  12. I program my pdf saving or creating application with vb code but not java, if you think my solution may help you, you can check the corresponding pdf saving methods.
  13. Problem: Save Image As Png In C# - Offline

    Please try this image saving methods to program a simple image saving application, which supports saving image file using different image encoders, including tif encoder, jpg encoder, png encoder, bmp encoder and gif encoder. Shared Sub SaveImageFile(image As REImage, filePath As String) End Sub Public Shared Sub SaveImageFile(image As REImage, filePath As String, enc As BaseEncoder) End Sub
  14. Line Annotations On Linear Gauge

    The programming concept of adding and showing line annotation on linear gauge is similar with line annnotation add-on to raster image file: Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim obj As LineAnnotation = AnnotationGenerator.CreateLineAnnotation(60F, 45F, 560F, 228F) 'create a new LineAnnotation with start and end point obj.LinePen = PenGenerator.CreateLinePen(Color.Blue, 5F) 'set line color and width 'set line startcap obj.LinePen.StartCap = New RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic.LineCap() obj.LinePen.StartCap.Cap_Width = 2F 'set startcap width obj.LinePen.StartCap.CapStyle = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.LineCapStyle.Diamond 'set startcap style 'set line endcap obj.LinePen.EndCap = New RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic.LineCap() obj.LinePen.EndCap.Cap_Width = 10F obj.LinePen.EndCap.CapStyle = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.LineCapStyle.Rectangle Dim folderName As String = "C:/" Dim img As Bitmap = obj.CreateAnnotation() img.Save(folderName & "LineAnnotation.png") End Sub
  15. Did you mean that you want to save the image from pdf document independently but not save the whole pdf file? Well, to this issue, how about exporting all the image files out from the pdf by using an ocr reader to extract the text and image. After extracting the image out, then you can use an image saving plugtin to save the images as your needs.