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  1. I am updating an app to rails 3.1.3 and FusionCharts_Developer 3.2.1, using your SampleAppRails3v2 app as a guide. So far everything is OK except exporting images. I get the following error: - Expected ../lib/fusioncharts/exporter/fc_exporter.rb to define FcExporter (LoadError) - app/controllers/fusioncharts/fc_exporter_controller.rb:44 any suggestions?
  2. save image

    Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, round edges are still there. But since the shadows are gone, when you use bgcolor='ffffff' borderColor='ffffff', they are invisible, and the chart has no boundaries, so to speak. Any solution in a not distant future? other than changing colors, which my designer is not going to like...
  3. save image

    Just upgraded to 3.1, and saving jpg/png/pdf via server is working ok, with the controllers provided, rmagick, etc. The only 'but', is that charts using showShadow='1' useRoundEdges='1' are saved without those attributes, and the resulting images are very plain and ugly. Is there any way to adjust this, may be via Rmagick?