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  1. Hi Sumedh, I just copy pasted the same code what you have given to the application. But avail no luck. I am not sure why the chart isnot working in javacript mode. One more information I missed out last time is I am using this chart in a portal application not norma web application although it won't make any difference. Also the javascript fiils and flash files are stored not in he same ear/ war file but it is available in the webserver path. This chart is woring fine in flash mode. - Sdheesh
  2. Hi Sashi, Many thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I tried that option also. Still I am getting the same 404 error and hence the chart is not rendering. Please find the following updated code snippet. myChart = new FusionCharts( "StackedArea2D", "myChartId", "800", "400", "0"); FusionCharts.debugMode.enabled(true); FusionCharts.debugMode.outputTo( function() { console.log(arguments); } ); myChart.setXMLData(finalChartXml); Not sure what is the exact issue here. I have cross checeked Fusion Chart demo site and the code are seems to be similar - Sdheesh
  3. Hi Sashi, Pleae find the following code snippet attached which is taken from my code base. Also I would like to mention here that I am using licensed version of Fusion chart not evaluation copy Could you please check and let me know whether i am doing anything wrong here. Best Regads, Sudheesh
  4. Hi, If we render chart in javascript mode, Fusion Stacked Area 2D chart is not working. The screen shows "Chart type not supported". When i enabled debug mode, I see the following error "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - https://<<full webapp url will come here>>/FusionCharts.HC.stackedarea2d.js" (I have removed the rela web app url) All the required js files are available in the application. Pleae find the attached image for more details Please can you let me know what is the real issue here. Best Regards, Sudheesh
  5. Area Chart isnot working in iPad/ iPhone devices

    Hi Sashi, I have a different (line chart) chart in a different application. and it is working fine for both javascript and flash. I have followed the same coding style for this chart also... I checked in the application. All files the required files are available there. Please find the attached screen shot of the files available in the application.. I can't share the URL as it is internal Please let me know if you got any clue Best Regards, Sudheesh
  6. Area Chart isnot working in iPad/ iPhone devices

    Hi Sumedh, I have all the above mentioned javascript files in the project. Still facing the issue ony with Area 2d Chart - Sudheesh
  7. Area Chart isnot working in iPad/ iPhone devices

    Hi Haritha, What you said is correct! javascript charts are not getting displayed at all on the browser too !!. I have cross checked the code with fusion chart demo site and it seems to be similar. But I am getting the message as "Loading the chart, please wait" Could you please show some light on what could be the possible reason for this behavior. The Pie chart on the other page is working fine. Is it because of some of the properties which we are setting is causing the issue? - Sudheesh
  8. Area Chart isnot working in iPad/ iPhone devices

    Hi Sumedh, Thanks a lot for your reply. I have tested the link which you have provided in iPad and it is working fine. For my chart in the application, I would like to point out that except iPad/ iPhone devices, the chart is getting loaded in all browsers when accesses from computer. I have tested it in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari and the chart is getting loaded in all these browsers. Only issue is with iPad/iPhone devices However, I have compared the xmls used in the test link and the one used in my application. Both seems to be similar in terms of tags otherthan it has some additional properties. Please find the xml for more details <?xml version = '1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> <chart labelStep='2' yAxisMinValue='101' yAxisMaxValue='2494'> <categories> <category label='2012-01-30'></category> <category label='2012-02-06'></category> <category label='2012-03-16'></category> <category label='2012-03-29'></category> <category label='2012-04-20'></category> <category label='2012-05-22'></category> <category label='2012-06-18'></category> <category label='2012-07-17'></category> <category label='2012-08-17'></category> <category label='2012-09-17'></category> <category label='2012-10-18'></category> <category label='2012-11-19'></category> <category label='2012-11-29'></category> <category label='2012-12-21'></category> <category label='2013-01-28'></category> <category label='2013-02-18'></category> <category label='2013-04-10'></category> <category label='2013-05-17'></category> <category label='2013-06-06'></category> <category label='2013-06-19'></category> <category label='2013-08-16'></category> <category label='2013-09-11'></category> <category label='2013-10-17'></category> </categories> <dataset seriesName='ABCD NAme'> <set value='0.00'></set> <set value='111.91'></set> <set value='217.51'></set> <set value='330.27'></set> <set value='434.07'></set> <set value='520.57'></set> <set value='528.35'></set> <set value='654.26'></set> <set value='790.86'></set> <set value='931.11'></set> <set value='1054.04'></set> <set value='1143.98'></set> <set value='1265.89'></set> <set value='1437.64'></set> <set value='1552.20'></set> <set value='1527.16'></set> <set value='1454.87'></set> <set value='1716.42'></set> <set value='1848.38'></set> <set value='1952.72'></set> <set value='2114.32'></set> <set value='2186.82'></set> <set value='2258.20'></set> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='PQRSTUV Name'> <set value='0.00'></set> <set value='111.13'></set> <set value='216.84'></set> <set value='211.67'></set> <set value='313.35'></set> <set value='402.44'></set> <set value='533.17'></set> <set value='648.40'></set> <set value='783.35'></set> <set value='927.91'></set> <set value='1046.97'></set> <set value='1134.50'></set> <set value='1262.97'></set> <set value='1430.10'></set> <set value='1435.93'></set> <set value='1521.18'></set> <set value='1503.45'></set> <set value='1769.22'></set> <set value='1941.35'></set> <set value='1952.57'></set> <set value='2279.62'></set> <set value='2240.24'></set> <set value='2484.89'></set> </dataset> </chart> Could you please check whether I am doing someting wrong here? Best Regards, Sudheesh
  9. Hi I am using 2 types of fusion chart in my application. Pie chart and Area chart. Pie chart is rendering properly. But Area chart is not working I am getting the message as "Loading chart, Please wait". The screen shot is attached for your reference. I am pasting the code below for more details if(FusionCharts("myChartId")){ FusionCharts( "myChartId" ).dispose(); } var myChart; if(hasFlashInstalled == false){ FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); myChart = new FusionCharts( "/media/Charts/StackedArea2D.swf", "myChartId", "800", "400", "0","1"); alert('javascript chart'); }else{ //alert('Flash chart'); myChart = new FusionCharts( "/media/Charts/StackedArea2D.swf", "myChartId", "100%", "100%", "0", "1"); } myChart.setXMLData(finalChartXml); myChart.setChartAttribute("showValues", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("formatNumberScale", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("slantLabels", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("decimals", "2"); myChart.setChartAttribute("forceDecimals", "1"); myChart.setChartAttribute("limitsDecimalPrecision", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("showLegend", "1"); myChart.setChartAttribute("legendPosition", "BOTTOM"); myChart.setChartAttribute("showBorder", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("bgColor", "FFFFFF,FFFFFF"); myChart.setChartAttribute("bgAlpha", "10,100"); myChart.setChartAttribute("bgAngle", "180"); myChart.setChartAttribute("divLineColor", "FFFFFF"); myChart.setChartAttribute("showAlternateHGridColor", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("alternateHGridColor", "eeeeee"); myChart.setChartAttribute("showAlternateVGridColor", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("canvasBgColor", "FEFEFE"); myChart.setChartAttribute("legendNumColumns", "2"); myChart.setChartAttribute("labelDisplay", "ROTATE"); myChart.setChartAttribute("anchorRadius", "2"); myChart.setChartAttribute("adjustDiv", "0"); myChart.setChartAttribute("numDivLines", "10"); if(hasFlashInstalled == false){ myChart.setChartAttribute("animation", "0"); } myChart.render("chartContainer"); Your help and support is highly appreciated, Best Regards, Sudheesh
  10. Hi, I am very new to Fusion Chart. I have a question. I would like to provide a button on which by clicking, the export functionality to be called and after exporting, the file saving dialo should open up to save the chart. Right now I have the following code. I am not interested to provide context menu. function ExportMyChart() { var chartObject = FusionCharts('myChartId'); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart(); } Here, after exporting, the user need to click again to the gererated flash (save) button to save the file to disk. Is there any method available in the fusion chart API which which will perform the action to open the File Save dialog. I hope I can cal the same function in "FC_Exported" function (Please find the attached screen shot) Pleae help me to solve the issue Thanks a lot, Sudheesh