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  1. saving images

    Well, that was my point: I'm aware I can save the charts from a jsp rendering and that's what I'd like to avoid. Is there any way to generate charts within Excel? How about a tool that can automatically generate the jsp from an input file (XML, CSV, whatever), render it, and save as image? To reiterate, I have to generate many images and doing it one by one by hand isn't an option.
  2. saving images

    I love the charts generated from FusionCharts. I tested it a year ago and now I'm back to find out if it can support my particular case for generating images. I have a large Excel file that generates about 50 different charts that eventually get fed into a Word document for a report I produce every quarter. Before, it was simply too slow for me to feed that data into code, display the chart via Flash in my browser, click and save the file, and then import it into my Word file. Is there now a way to do this more quickly? I realize, based on the different product types available, that FusionCharts is meant to be more web friendly and not tailored for my case. But the fact is the beautiful charts from the product are perfect for sprucing up my not Web 2.0 reports. Any help or insight would be much appreciated.