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  1. xml in fla

    I want to use the Line2D chart for a project but I need to add a few textboxes and corresponding xml elements. The problem I'm having is when I open the Line.fla source, I just see a blank window. I really need to see the final layout in a testing environment so I can make changes to the scene and move elements where necessary. My theory is that if I can see, currently cant, the XMLConnector component, I can add the Data.xml file path to the URL and then step through the scenes to make the required changes. To re-cap: I need to pre-load or set the url to Data.xml within FLASH so I can resize the yAxis label and add 2 more textboxes for min/max value labels, cause right now I can't see anything in FLASH for editing purposes (ie. the labels). I'm using Adobe Flash CS4. Thanks,