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  1. Updatating Flash Player with Javascript

    Can you show an example of how to add this custom content such that the JS file knows to show that when the client doesn't have a flash player installed? Thanks, -- Sandy
  2. Can I have apostrophes in captions and/or subcaptions? Example subcaption (ignore the spaces): And I'm getting an error message -- invalid XML. I'm using MSCombi2D.swf. Help? -- Sandy
  3. Figured out that using 2D (Single Y) Combination Chart (MSCombi2D.swf) is really what I wanted -- single Y axis, and the trendline's label is right aligned. Thanks, -- Sandy
  4. I'm using MSCombiDY2D.swf, a bar chart as the primary chart, and an area chart as the secondary chart. I've hidden the secondary Y-axis by setting showDivLineSecondaryValue='0' showSecondaryLimits='0' I can't seem to figure out how to right align the trend line to the right. Am I missing anything? Thanks, -- Sandy