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  1. Could i add label for some points in line chart?

    Thanks. My fusionCharts ignores 'displayValue' , it seems to be only v3.1 could do that. so i want to put it below the date. but another issue is how to line feed in x-axes label?
  2. The following is my chart. i want to add a label to show the special day beside the point, and i would like it alway shows.
  3. when there are two: when it's one: my xml code like this: <chart plotSpacePercent='80' > <set label='Jan' value='462' /> </chart> No matter plotSpacePercent is greater or less than 80, it donesn't work. how to set the bar's width? thanks.
  4. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    Thank you Dhruva! I got it!
  5. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    Thank you, My xml data like this: <chart showValues="0" setAdaptiveYMin="1" bgAlpha="0"> <set label="ads_octopus" value="20090510" /> ..... </chart> Could you tell me how to turn off y-axis, and replace the same with trendlines. sorry, i don't konw what's 'trendlines', you mean replace it by other y-axis?
  6. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    Thanks, Actually, i would like to make a bar chart like this: The date values are about left host's last update time. It just want to show which is updated before 5 days. The values are just like '20090510', But i don't know how to format it.
  7. Whether we can format 2009520 as 2009-5-20?