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  1. We are in the middle of evaluating FusionCharts as a replacement for OpenFlashChart. Unfortunately, we have problems with multilingual characters in javascript links for drill down charts. UTF-8 characters are printed fine in the chart itself, but the browser receives wrong characters in the javascript call. We tried both options, the awkward "j-" and the classical "javascript:" notation. In the first case, both Firefox and IE receive the UTF8 multibyte characters wrongly, in the latter case, only IE has those problems. [set link="j-chart_popup-blö" ...] [set link="javascript:chart_popup('blö')" ...] (for some reason, the ifcode for code didn't work) Even tried the BOM mark with no change. The HTML document has UTF-8 encoding and it worked fine in OpenFlashChart. Any ideas? Steffen
  2. That helped. I needed to go with the j- notation, though. It didn't work with javascript: in Firefox. Thus, I also needed to escape any dashes in the arguments to the javascript function, which is rather ugly. Thanks, Steffen