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  1. The images are saving correctly. However when my finishExport is called I get a prompt saying that IE has blocked this site from downloading file. If i just execute the url being generated in finalizeExport I do not have that problem. I also do not have this problem if my report does not have any charts to process. I have even went so far as to comment out the code in FCExporter.aspx and just returned a hard coded success status and I still get the same thing. When chartObject.exportChart() is called is that synchronous? I am out of ideas. Why would it be giving me that prompt? If I add the site to my trusted sites and enable automatic prompting for file downloads, I do not have this problem. However, this that not an ideal situation my javascript looks like this: function exportFile(type){ if(getElement("reportOuter") == null){ alert("Please search before attempting to export."); return; } var chartObject; var arrChartIDs = new Array(); arrCharIDs = document.getElementsByName("hidChartID"); for(var i = 0; i < arrCharIDs.length; i++){ chartObject = getChartFromId(arrCharIDs.value); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart(); } chartCtr = 0; totalcharts = arrCharIDs.length; exporttype = type; if(totalcharts == 0){ finishExport(); } } function FC_Exported(chart){ if (chart.statusCode=="1"){ chartCtr = chartCtr + 1; }else{ alert("The chart could not be saved on server. There was an error. Description : " + chart.statusMessage); } if(chartCtr == totalcharts){ finishExport(); } } function finalizeExport(id){ OpenWindow(parentURL + "/report.aspx?id=" + id + "&sessionid=" + getElement('sessionguid').value + "&export=" + exporttype + "&filterdataid=" + getElement("tempResults").innerHTML + "&visualgroups=" + serializeTable(dtVisualGroups)); }
  2. That did the trick! Thanks so much.
  3. It appears its just my machine that is having this problem. My co-workers are not having this problem using the same web project. I tried restarting my computer. Is there a particular setting I should check somewhere?
  4. Attached is an example of a working and non working chart. I am setting everything directly in html example.txt
  5. I tired posting my code in the forum in the code tags but it still doesn't display in preview mode.
  6. On some of my charts I get several javascript errors while the chart is being rendered. They all say the same thing 'export_59' is undefined. export_59 is my DOMid Some examples of what it is trying to execute: __flash__addCallback(export_59, "saveAsImage"); and try { export_59.SetReturnValue(__flash__toXML(FC_DataLoaded("export_59")) ); } catch (e) { export_59.SetReturnValue(""); } After about 13 of those JS errors the chart will render and is correct, but then my export won't work because it can't find the chart by the id. I am building all of my charts with direct html code. Could this error occur if it takes too long for data to come back from my chartdata.aspx that is populatingdataURL? Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this.
  7. chartObject.hasRendered is not a function

    I found my problem was I wasn't setting the DOMId and the registerWithJS in the values for the flashvars param. It is working now.
  8. chartObject.hasRendered is not a function

    I am having the same issue and tried using the FC_Rendered as suggested, but it isn't firing. I checked and registerWithJS='1' and my adobe flash player settings is set to allow all. The chart is rendering fine and I can print and save using the context menu. I am rendering my chart with direct HTML code, could this be why?