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  1. Sounds great Many thanks for the prompt reponse..
  2. Is it possible to use URL filters for charts ?
  3. Hi, We are currently testing the trial version of Collabion Charts for SharePoint and thinking about buying the product. But onr of the most important feature that we need is to be able to filter a number of charts in a dashboard using one unique filter. To give you an exemple we have dashbord that have information related to our SharePoint farm statistics, and it has charts to show sites and content databases and their sizes and all sort of other information. What I want to do is to be able to filter all the charts by Web Application all at once, without having to setup an individual filter for each charts. It is possible to do this in SharePoint by using the OOTB charts webpart and attach it to a list webpart, is it possible to replicate this in Collabion ? Many Thanks, Nizar Ghribi