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  1. Again : Custom Map

    Hi, Mr. Pallav Thanks for your quick reply yeah, maybe we will purchasing a professional license, but we have a developer license. Is it possible to upgrade our license to enterprise? and how cost we must pay? Best Regards, tantos
  2. Hi Great Teams, Now I am develop a project using FusionCharts & FusionMaps Developer License. But I have a problem. I wanna create a custom map that it is didn't exists in FusionMaps. By your quote in http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/Custom.asp, it is not an effective solution for us (and maybe for other developers), because we always create a different map each project. Is it possible for you to give a method in your product to create custom map in FusionMaps like amMap? (sorry, I didn't mention to compare with it). Thanks for your attention, Regards tantos, Indonesia