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  1. Single serie and ScrollColumn2D.swf

    Hi, The problem you are facing is because you have put all data under a single category (carriers). Why don't you put each of the columns under its own category like a single series column 2D chart? If you don't know how to go about it you could just drop in a line here, we will try to get it done for you. Hope this helps.
  2. Can FusionCharts help me?

    Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum! If you need an (x,y) plot, you could use our XY Scatter chart from the FusionCharts v3 package. You can also create trendlines if you want. I'd suggest you check out the following sample charts from our gallery. Hope this helps.
  3. Highlight Column OnMouseOver

    Hi Brian, I am afraid, this is not currently possible.
  4. Displaying second chart in Drill-Down Charts

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! I just made a drill down sample for your reference. Please find it attached. Here are the basic pointers: 1) Keep all SWFs in one folder (Charts in my example) 2) Keep all XMLs in one folder (Data in my example) 3) Keep the JavaScript file in one folder (JSClass in my example) 4) Put the HTML wherever you like (I kept in in a folder named HTML) 5) In the HTML make separate DIVs for every chart with their unique DIV IDs. Place the DIVs however you like. I have put each of them inside a table division under a common table row. 6) Now instantiate the main chart (a column3D chart in my example) in the BODY of the HTML. This will load when the page loads. 7) Now declare a function [renderPie() in my example]that will instantiate the drilldown chart. 8) Now in the XML for the Column3D chart include the javaScript function links inside the <set> element. The syntax for doing this is explained here ( <set label='Jan' value='462' link="j-renderPie" /> Hope this helps.
  5. question about the data for graphs

    Hi Steve, Firstly, if you are planning to buy FusionCharts v3.1 make sure you use the free evaluation copy available at: and use these chart SWFs in this download package to test. In v3.1 it is possible to not show the XML data on the HTML page by using the dataURL method where you put the data in an XML file and on the HTML page specify just the URL to the XML file. This way the data is not directly visible to the user.
  6. Image not exported for save

    Hi, Glad it worked! :)You are most welcome. We have made a note of your suggestion. Thanks. Happy FusionCharting!
  7. Server Side Export failing

    Hi, This is possibly because the chart failed to locate the export component file. Make sure you have specified the location correctly? Hope this helps.
  8. Mona, I am afraid it is not possible for the chart to export the entire page. What you can do using coding is to export the image (as FusionCharts let you export the chart as an image) and then make a copy of the HTML page (using server end code) and just edit the image source appropriately. This is just my idea of how your requirement may be achieved.
  9. Hi, Could you please try passing some random value to clear the cache as shown below? myChart.setDataURL("Data Chart.xml?NoCache=some random timer value"); Hope this helps.
  10. question about the data for graphs

    Steve, I am not sure your requirement is quite clear to me, but in case you don't want to show the values of the data points on your line chart that can be easily done in our v3.1 charts. Is that what you are trying to do? Also, could you please tell us which version of the FusionCharts you are using? Are you using FusionCharts v3.1 Evaluation or the FusionCharts Free/OpenSource? Awaiting your reply.
  11. Hi, I just remembered something I had missed the last time. I think this will work. Please try making the following changes to your XML: 1) Replace the <graph> tags with <chart> (This is true for any FusionCharts v3 chart.) 2) Set the adjustDiv attribute to zero in the chart element as shown below: <chart ...numDivlines='number' adjustDiv='0' ...> Hope this helps. Oh and you can use the MSCombiDY2D.swf from the v3 package you have bought license to.
  12. Hello, We are looking into your issue. We will get back to your shortly.
  13. How can I overwrite limits on the Y axis?

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! You can specify a maximum value by using the attribute yAxisMaxValue='number' attribute in the chart element. However, whenever in the actual dataset there is a value that is higher than the preset YAxisMaxValue, the max value will be over-ridden. So the only way to not let that happen is to somehow programmatically check for sudden spikes that fall out of the range. Do let us know how you implement this or if you need further help anywhere.
  14. Hello, Are you using the MultiAxisLine.swf chart of the PowerCharts suite? Could you please send us the XML you are using so that we may take a look at what could be the problem? Awaiting your reply.
  15. Adding callouts to a chart

    Hello, Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum! If you want a tooltip that shows a chunk of text on mouse hover then it's possible. But if you are looking for a permanent text bubble that points to a datapoint, I am afraid, that is not possible at this time. Hope this helps.