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  1. Hi, I'm writing an application which involves lot of dynamic adding/removing FusionChart objects. Apparently, invoking dispose() function does not help cleaning up memory in IE. I managed to solve the problem by implementing additional clean up code after dispose() function call. However, the problem persisted until I replaced setDataURL() function call with code which modifies flashVars.dataURL property directly as a workaround. Attached a testcase which demonstrates the above problem. Steps to reproduce : Unzip the attached archive file to some web server - It's NOT reproducible when loaded from local file system. Load test.html with Sieve. Press 'Add Chart' button to load a MSColumn2D chart. Then press 'Remove' button to remove the chart. You can see both the client memory and node count does not drop to the initial point. Leaked OBJECT tag can be seen from 'Show In Use' window. Close and reload test.html with Sieve. This time, press 'Add Chart(with Workaround)' to load the same chart, with data xml specified by setting flashvars.dataURL instead of invoking setDataURL() function. Press 'Remove(Workaround)' button to call dispose() and perform additional clean up tasks. This time, memory and node count drops to the initial point and there's no leaked OBJECT tag listed in 'Show in Use' window. Repeat (4), (5) then press 'Remove' button to see the effect of the additional clean up code. Memory leak will occur, as it only invokes dispose() without any manual cleanup. Hope this might be fixed soon. My application is mostly based on Ajax update so it does not do page refresh or URL change while displaying and disposing many FusionCharts objects. Currently, IE eats up all the memory pretty fast without such workaround. Thanks in advance! leak.zip
  2. Could you send me the lower fps version mentioned above? I've sent an email with my order id but got no response yet. Thanks!