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  1. Is there a method, a tool a script any kind of solution to generate the <categories> dynamically ? I know the first date and the last date of my tasks. I need a <category> per month for this period that can cover many years. Any helpers to do that ? Any solution to dynamically generate this example: <category start="2011/10/01" end="2011/10/31" label="September 2011"/> <category start="2011/11/01" end="2011/11/30" label="November 2011"/> <category start="2011/12/01" end="2011/12/31" label="December 2011"/> <category start="2012/01/01" end="2012/01/31" label="January 2012"/> <category start="2012/02/01" end="2012/02/29" label="February 2012"/> <category start="2012/03/01" end="2012/03/31" label="March 2012"/>
  2. I have exactly the same error. Flash are in JavaScript are in The page is in Means every thing is in the same domain but it still doesn't work. This error doesn't sound like a cross domain access denied, so what's wrong ???
  3. Just go on with Firefox 3.0.1 and Flash 9.0.124 CPU usage remain extremly high With IE there is no problem with the same flash version
  4. In all charts having several axis it will be very useful to have an option to keep all axis synchronized. It's not convenient to set the Maximum scale value of all axis because then you loose automatic scaling.
  5. User experience improvement

    When a topic has an answer, when a problem is solved it will be good to be able to edit the topic title and to add a key word like [Fixed] or [solved]. Unfortunately currently topic title can not be edited by the creator of the topic. By the way, where is displayed the description field of a topic ?
  6. Synchronized axis scale on combinat chart

    Ok thanks. Can you add such an option in a future release ?
  7. I'm using the combinat chart MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf I'd like to have the same scale on both primary and secondary axis without having to set a specific value to SYAxisMaxValue and PYAxisMaxValue Is there a parameter/option to keep both axis synchronized and automatically adjusted to data ?
  8. I have exactly the same issue. Have you plan to provide an updated release ? Until then, have you a stacked column 2D + line ? By the way how can I set the depth of the columns ?
  9. Global RSS feed

    Is there a global RSS feed for the entire forum ? I don't want to have to add each section one by one. I would like to have a global overview about what's going on all your solutions.
  10. You documentation is very detailed but unfortunatly it's not possible to search in it. Can you create a index page will all existing parameters/attributes name for all charts. Something like this will be very helpful. I'm have to create templates for several charts. It's not very easy to check what is possible because explanations are split in different topics. I always have to go through all charts. Such an Index will also highlight the strong consistency of most of the attributes on all charts. Index is also very useful for well trained developers who just need a quick and direct reference system.
  11. JSON format

    In your documentation all the options and parameters are described to set up the XML data source file used by FusionChart. Can you also provide a JSON format with the methods to generate the XML string recognized by FusionChart ?
  12. Every time you perform an action on the forum your get a large red message explaining that your action has been executed successfully. Red means : error, warning, danger A message saying everything is OK should be green, never red.
  13. Population pyramid

    Can you add population pyramid chart ?
  14. DHTML hidden behind flash graph/charts [Solved]

    You should update the title of the topic with a key word like [solved]. It helps users to understand that the problem or question has a clear answer.
  15. FC_Rendered event not firing

    Is there a way to modify this default setting ?