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  1. Hi Sashibhusan, Thank you for your response. I can give you temporary access to the page which is having problems. If you could email me at mark at enterprise dash elements dot com I will reply with the information needed. Do you want the debug output placed in the console, as the link suggests? I found that with IE, that is not so very useful, but am happy to leave it set up that way. One last note, in the FusionCharts code, the exception is thrown from within a setTimeout function. That seems to make practically impossible to catch the exception from my client code. While it is unfortunate to lose the chart, it is not the only functionality on the page, and that uncaught exception seems to pretty much leave the page unusable. If I could handle that exception, at least I could give the user a suitable message about the charts and stiil use the other functionality on the page. Thanks, Mark
  2. I have a problem creating a chart in IE, this works fine in Chrome. It seems to be coming up when my script calls the render method. I have changed the constructor call to run in debug mode, which it does in Chrome/FF, but not in IE. I get IE's pop-up error message saying I should use debug mode. If I turn the popup off, all I see are two white boxes where the charts should appear. I found the call site and added a console.log (in IE10) and got the following output: RuntimeException, FusionCharts::RendererManager, Error, #25081850 cv_8640_swfObj::RendererManager Error >> There was an error rendering the chart. Enable FusionCharts JS debugMode for more information. In chrome debug mode seems to come up just fine, but of course the charts render correctly there so not much is learned. Following is the code snippet where it is created. var w = '100%', chart = new FusionCharts(this.model.get("swfUrl"), modID + "_swfObj", w, this.model.get("height"), 1, 1); chart.setDataURL(this.model.get("dataUrl")); chart.render(modID); I've double checked the values for modID, and the model values, the inputs appear correct. Thanks, Mark
  3. Bubble Chart: X Axis Labels

    Hi, I downloaded, and installed, FusionCharts XT (v3.3.1 - Service Release 2), but my results are the same.
  4. Bubble Chart: X Axis Labels

    I've tried pretty much every option I can find, but I'm not able to get the labels to display on the XAxis, the YAxis is working properly. I've had the xAxisLabelDisplay, and showXAxisValues, at different values, and tried removing them completely, but see no change in behavior. Screenshot attached. Using the Bubble.swf with the following XML: <chart yAxisName="Stupid to Smart" xAxisName="Lazy to Industrious" xAxisLabelDisplay="auto" showXAxisValues="1" formatNumberScale="0" showBorder="0" showAboutMenuItem="0" animation="1" palette="1" canvasBgColor="f8f8f8" showPercentValues="0" showPercentInToolTip="0" drawQuadrant="0" chartLeftMargin="10" chartRightMargin="10" chartTopMargin="10" chartBottomMargin="10" baseFont="Helvetica" baseFontSize="11" showLegend="0"> <dataSet showValues="1"> <set x="5.0" y="10.0" z="35.0" label="ACME Tiny Bubbles"/> <set x="10.0" y="10.0" z="10.0" label="Tiny Bubble Inc"/> <set x="15.0" y="5.0" z="6.0" label="Standard Bubbles"/> <set x="27.0" y="13.0" z="24.0" label="Unknown Bubbles"/> </dataSet> </chart> I've also tried using the 'name' attribute in the set tags, instead of the 'label' attribute, but couldn't see any apparent difference.