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  1. the below error gets displayed on a save image call (its in german) it says CS1056: unexpected Character FCExporter.aspx.cs row: 16 ----------------------------------------------- Compilerfehlermeldung: CS1056: Unerwartetes Zeichen ?. Quellfehler: Zeile 14: * @version 2.0 [ 22 February 2009 ]?? Zeile 15: * ?? Zeile 16: */?? Zeile 17: /**?? Zeile 18: * ChangeLog / Version History:?? Quelldatei: c:Inetpubweb_securedhattrickFusionCharts310ExportHandlersASP_NetFCExporter.aspx.cs Zeile: 16
  2. error serverside image saving asp.net

    All good now ! thanks again thomas
  3. error serverside image saving asp.net

    hmm. well my knowledge on the technical side of image compressions is very limited but the jpeg appeared with a lot of scattering. now regardless of dpi this is a sign for low compression. a jpeg at 100% quality even at 72dpi shouldnt be that low on quality. to emphasize this i attached 3 pics. 2 are image saves from fusioncharts. the third is the PNG saved from fusioncharts exported as JPG with 100% quality from Photoshop. If you compare the Fusioncharts generated JPG with the JPG generated via Photoshop from the PNG you will see what i mean (zoom in on text on the side). Nevertheless thats not a big issue for me but maybe something you are not aware of when you say a JPG is exported with 100% quality. /thomas
  4. error serverside image saving asp.net

    HI, That did the trick :w00t: Thank you very much. While i have you here may i ask if i can adjust the quality of jpegs somehow? it is trimmed for small file size / low quality it seems. Or do i have to use png for better quality (didnt try that yet) thanks again and keep up the good work! Thomas
  5. error serverside image saving asp.net

    sorry for the late reply. i have replaced those 2 files now but still the same error (also it looks like the same version of the files i had already): Serverfehler in der Anwendung /. Kompilierungsfehler Beschreibung: Fehler bei der Kompilierung einer Ressource, die zur Verarbeitung dieser Anforderung erforderlich ist.
  6. saving images

    still image saving does not work on the link i gave above you obviousely did not try
  7. saving images

    Great work there ! Implemented it straight away and have a question. the Pie3D in download package 3.0.5 is Version 3.0.4 ( itself. now i cannot save image on this chart (all others i use work well) the link to save the image is in the right-click menu though. maybe its related to the version not being 3.0.5 in any way? link to testpage thanks, thomas
  8. vDivLines on dual Y axis graphs

    will vDivLines get available in MSCombiDY2D.swf in near future versions? /thomas
  9. anyway it would be great if "valueOnRight" would work on the dual Y chart aswell! is it really not working or am i doing something wrong?
  10. Pie3D visual bugs

    these settings used (chose the ones i thought relevant): use3DLighting='0' pieInnerFaceAlpha='80' pieOuterFaceAlpha='80' plotFillAlpha='80' showPlotBorder='1' plotBorderColor='000000' plotBorderAlpha='20' the white side bug disappears when i do not include the greenish marked "Transfer Revenue" data which is Zero. The other bug marked at the expenses pie only appears if a slice got more than 180
  11. Pie3D visual bugs

    attached the xml of the upper pie. as said removing the zero value from the pie ( set label="Transfer Revenue" value="0" ) makes the visual bug dissappear. thanks thomas pie.xml
  12. still old block char in legend

    i am sorry this seems to have been some cache thing since after some hours the new legend char magically appeared. sorry to have bothered you! thanks Thomas
  13. spotted in StackedColumn3DLineDY and MSCombiDY2D (v3.0.4) cool would be of course to make that char customizable to be able to eg use "
  14. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    i setup a test page at it works perfectly in firefox (2.0) but not in IE 6 or 7. Sometimes it loads the startup chart in IE but as soon as i select other weeks from the dropdown and submit the page it shows no data anymore. feels like it doesnt wait until the dataXML was fully generated. but thats a n00bs call.... i know the page is messy coded but perhaps you know about cases like this? the querystring &debug=1 can be used on the page. Thank You
  15. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    thanks a lot for you feedback !
  16. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    perhaps some feedback from other fusioncharts users...? please try http://www.databased.at/hattrick/mystats_economy.htm with your Internet Explorer. after it loaded the first time hit the reload button of the browser a few times. Do you sometimes or even always get the message "not enough categories selected" ? would highly appreciate some feedback from a few people :exclamationmark:
  17. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    quote: If you're getting data from server using JavaScript and then providing it to chart, the time lag here could differ, and this is what could crash. at the testpage i setup everything is hardcoded into the page so no server interaction other than loading the html page here. anyway, i will publish the charts and see how my users respond. if the problem persists i would get back to you here. thanks for your assistance so far! /thomas
  18. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    you experience the same problems using IE? just curious if you are still looking at this.... best regards thomas
  19. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    all answers related to IE behaviour: > Does the chart initially load with no data? the chart is supplied with data at first load and shows it (which works always at least the first time of the browser session) > Does it load everytime with no data when refreshed? not everytime. sometimes when refreshed it shows the chart > When data is sent through JS, does it respond properly first time? > When data is sent through JS, does it respond properly each time thereafter? (i interpret "data sent through JS" as re-rendering the chart via user interaction on same page. i hope thats what you meant) yes. if the data was initially rendered the chart will respond to JS > When data is sent through JS, does it respond properly when refreshed? (?) when refreshed via browser button or loaded on top via a link within the same session it happens that the chart wont render.. which is the core problem note: i came home late tonight and now as i answer your questions i tried the testpage again. it seemed like it worked more often than usual (usual = during daytime (Europe) when more users are online at my site)... thanks for your time. thomas
  20. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    That must have happened when i saved the html via the browser ... sorry removed it from the html testpage... behaviour still the same i am afraid :/ normally it just looks like <div id="chart1div" align="center">FusionCharts</div> <script language="JavaScript"> var chart1 = new FusionCharts("./FusionCharts3/charts/StackedColumn3DLineDY.swf?ChartNoDataText=not enough categories selected", "chart1Id", "725", "350", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataXML("<chart></chart>"); chart1.render("chart1div"); </script> which should be ok
  21. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    http://www.databased.at/hattrick/mystats_economy.htm thats now a static page that does not use any vbscript to get the data. so just html and javascript (see source code of that page). internet explorer behaviour: > load the page in internet explorer for the first time and it will work. > reload the page and most of the times it wont work anymore.... > sometimes if you hammer reload fast a few times in a row you get it to display again... > it will work again for sure only the first time after you closed the browser and started it again since there is nothing done serverside (except delivering the htm file) the environment is the local computer. i tried a few and everywhere the same. cannot get the problem to show more obvious. i hope you can help since i really tried and still try a lot to get it to work.
  22. IE <> FF Ajax Chart

    built a new testpage @ there the round dropdowns are now ajaxed too. the season selector still submits the form though... at first time it seems to work in IE but after submitting (=selecting another season) the form or reloading the page it most of the times doesnt work... the flow: 1) asp opens a filestream of a csv serverside and builds an array thats 2) output in a javascript array 3) the javascript functions i took and altered from your JS_Example.html (updateChart(), generateXML(), getProductXML()) build the XML and setDataXML for the chart 4) the per javascript implemented chart renders the XML if the form is submitted the whole process is repeated from the beginning. i hope thats all the info you wanted!