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  1. Hi Haritha, Thanks for the reply. I put the snapshot in the attachment. Please check if this problem has been reported before. When opening the same page, the nodes on the line are sometimes there and sometimes not. OS: Windows Server 2008 JDK: 1.6 Browser: IE 8 BTW, our company already purchased the license. But I only know the invoice number instead of an ID which is used for the support service. How can I get the support service? Looking forward to your reply!
  2. Hi, I created a line+column chart with FusionCharts. By default, several points are supposed to be displayed on the line. However, sometimes, the points are not displayed but after the page is refreshed, those points appear. I'm using the latest tiral version of FusionCharts and choosing chart format of Flash. Could this be a problem of: 1. The compatiblity problem of Flash player in IE? 2. The comstraint of trial version? 3. The compability problem of IE version? (I tried on several computers with IE 8 installed. Some don't have this problem while some have.) Please kindly give me some hint. Thank you very much!