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  1. It doesn't work.I use IE7,the fusioncharts work fine if I set "unescapeLinks=0" the sample give me a javascript error even if I delete the javascript function myJs in the html.
  2. I try the sample,the problem remain .... when I click the link,it gives me a javascript error: row:1,char:8,error:Unterminated string constant,code:0... and I have tried it on someone else's computer,the results is just the same.
  3. I just downloaded the fusionwidgets from the home page.it does not support the JavaScript function preceded by "j-" .And the problem is still not resolved.if i click the link,it gives me a javascript error: row:1,char:8,error:Unterminated string constant... The XML i use is in the attachment. Gantt1.xml
  4. It becomes some garbled characters on calling a javascript function added in the "set" in the xml.I use type of Gantt in fusionWidgets. set [chart unescapeLinks='0' ...] ,only working on fusionCharts ,it still does not work on Gantt .Any help is appreciated.
  5. hi, set [chart unescapeLinks='0' ...] still not working on fusionWidget Gantt. please help!
  6. How i can put 2 maps in the same index.html

    Could you show the combinated code?
  7. saving images

    The problem is solved!The siteMesh have impact on the stream!Thanks very much for the help!
  8. saving images

    The attachments are used in my programe,thanks
  9. saving images

    I try to change it to "save",the js errors occur: row: 27 char :3 errors:missing identifiers,strings or numbers code:0 URL:http://localhost:8080/berheleyBI/chartExport.jsp
  10. saving images

    The log message is just the same as you 2009-6-1 17:02:43 com.fusioncharts.exporter.generators.ImageGenerator getChartImage INFO: Creating the Chart image 2009-6-1 17:02:46 com.fusioncharts.exporter.generators.ImageGenerator getChartImage INFO: Image created successfully
  11. saving images

    Can you give me an example ?
  12. saving images

    Not yet,I mean to say it isn't the problem of path.
  13. saving images

    I can download picture successful,The path don't need to change.
  14. saving images

    If i specified the value charts/Resource,It can't forward to the right path.I can download the picture successful.