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  1. Gauge Chart Customization

    We are using Fusion Charts and want to build something similar to the chart attached. Could you please give any pointer on how this can be customized. we are facing following issues in a normal gauge chart customization. The approach we are taking is using a gauge chart and dividing the color range in two just two range values one showing the completed and the other to be achieved one. To update chart we can re-render with the updated color range values. 1. Not able to hide the dial. 2. Not able to add text with value on dial. 3. Not able to add text inside the gauge.
  2. Smooth lines for 3d chart

    how can i draw a smooth line in a 3d line chart without anchors. we are porting from ExtJS Charts to Fusion Charts and we had this feature. Attaching two screen shots form extjs fiddler with smooth and non smooth line.
  3. I am really sorry but i could not understand it fully!! what i could figure out is that "if there are multiple series with different render type like area and column etc then lines are drawn at the front and if there is only one line or if all the series are rendered as line then all of them are drawn at the back" are you trying to say the same?
  4. Hi, Sorry for late reply yes that's what I was talking about. If you hide the other series and keep only project revenue you can see that the green line is drawn on the front edge of the base but in another example its drawn at the inner edge of the base. Regards
  5. Hello, I get your point and that is exact issue, the line is drawn at the lower edge of columns, but how come in one of the examples, the line is drawn at the inner edge of the 3d base and on the other example its on the front edge base. Why we are getting two different behaviors for the same type of chart. Thanks
  6. Hi Vishalika, I am able to create a fiddler sample also for mscolumn3dlinedy chart. Please find it at. please check Project Revenue line.
  7. Hi Vishalika, Thanks for the reply. with mscolumn3dlinedy on the fiddler we are not getting this issue but in our application we are getting this issue. I tried reproducing it on fiddler even with 3.5 version of fusion chart but no luck . But i found something other clue about the issue. Attaching two images below, both are mscolumn3dlinedy charts and data is also the same, but you will notice that in one chart the 0 line is drawn in front of the 3D base while in the other chart the 0 line is drawn on the back of the 3D base. That looks precisely like the offset its drawing the line below the required point. Can you please tell what config option does that, i tried copying all the config option which i have in the application on the fiddler but still the line is drawn in the front of 3D base only.
  8. FYI...we are having this issue in MSColumn3DLineDY also in the secondary axis which is drawn on right side.
  9. i am using multi series 3D line chart, the bar chart values are showing fine with the grid lines but line series is drawn a little below the grid lines giving visual indication that values are less than what they actually are e..g goto Hide both Actual Revenue and Profit series. Now move mouse over the Project Revenue line for month of May though Sept. The values 19k are drawn below the line marked for 18K. Also attaching the image.
  10. Hello , The div lines does not show up in firefox when it is a solid line. example : Regards, Suresh
  11. Hello , We have ported from EXTJS charts to Fusion charts and we need one of the features from EXTJS charts configured in FUSION line/area chart. We want the series to be highlighted on mouse over the legend or the series itself. Please let us know how do we do that . Example : go to the link below and hover on one of the legends or lines Regards, Suresh
  12. Hi, I am using MSStackedColumn2D for multi series stacked chart. We have all other charts on our dashbaord as 3D but this one is non-3D, do we have any 3D version of MSStackedColumn2D. Also i am trying to make MSStackedColumn2D chart as scrollable and not able to find scrollable version of chart MSStackedColumn2D. Please let me know what is scrollable version of MSStackedColumn2D. Regards Suresh Nagar.
  13. Thanks Swarnam it worked
  14. Hi, i have a combi chart with about 12-13 data sets. I want to render the chart with only couple of data sets (series) shown and other legends should be in unclicked mode i.e. user can click and see them if required. i could not find any chart property of data set property which can render a series in unclicked mode. please let me know how this can be achieved.