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  1. Rendering Problems

    hello, I am experiencing strange rendering issues in IE 7 when displaying a chart. The correct display should be: but sometimes it renders as: this happens in IE7 so far and not always, it can go back to normal on refresh. Any ideas what might cause this?
  2. Hi, I have a bit of an issue when trying to use FusionWidgets. Some time ago I built for my company a library that includes the Fusion Charts and some classes to have controls representing the charts, and I also used the FusionCharts.cs helper class provided with FusionCharts version 3.1. That worked great and I've had no problems at all. Now I needed to also use some Widgets in the application and I decided to add the widgets to my fusion charts class and use the same mechanism. Except the widgets do not work the same way. So my questions are: - First of all, no Csharp class is provided with the widgets. Why is that? - I know that the widgets only accept XML data and I am trying to use that by calling setXMLUrl or setXMLData. Would this work? - is the FusionCharts.js javascript file provided with the widgets the same as the one provided with the charts? - Why is there no ASP.NET example for the Fusion Widgets?