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  1. setDataURL error

    Will do. It'll take a couple of days. Hang on in there for me!
  2. setDataURL error

    Yes. That is working fine... how annoying! Any pointers as to what am I doing wrong?
  3. setDataURL error

    Line: 51 Char: 4 Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
  4. setDataURL error

    I'm using ColdFusion 7, mySql 5 and running IE 6. All of the other examples work fine, but when I click on the pie chart at the top of the page, the /DB_JS_dataURL/Default.cfm example doesn't give me the 2nd graph at the bottom. I've seen another post about the cacheing... is this the same thing? If so, can you explain a bit more how to modify the code? This package looks great and I'm eager to continue with it to extend my graphing capabilities in my code. Any help much appreciated!