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  1. PHP and ms Access

    Thanks, the modified code included in the post will help.
  2. PHP and ms Access

    That one is for mySQL - is there no difference?
  3. PHP and ms Access

    OK, you convinced me that I had to use PHP to do a server side export and save of a chart. Where is the dbconn.php for an Access database?
  4. ASP Export Handler

    I wish I had an ASP export handler, I see the ASP.net, is there one for just ASP?
  5. County Entities

    I have seen other requests for this - coders need one file - not 50 - with the state abbreviation, county ID, county name so our dynamic SQL can generate the data from the database - regardless of which state is selected. So we can join that table to our data by state and county name. I had to create my own and I am sure hundreds of others did the same thing.
  6. County Entities

    I have emailed support about this and got the same answer - the entity_ids are available in the mapSS folder. yes, the individual states entity IDs are available seperately in the state map specs files. The total states to all county entities are not. There is not one file with all states and all counties in it, there are 50. I have written an Access program to do this, by zip code, county and state. This means you can join this table to your data and have the complete entity list in one fell swoop.
  7. County Entities

    I have an evaluation copy, maybe that is the problem, but I do not see a file or table where I can equate the entity numbers to the counties in the states. I am expecting a table with the state, county and some kind of numbering system that I can load into my database.