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  1. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    I'm having the same error. But only in Firefox. Firebug is returning an error chartObj.setDataURL is not a function when I try to update charts. I have about 6 charts on a page and use a function to update them all. Now, I think this is the crucial thing, one of my charts is off screen when the page loads. You need to scroll down to view this chart. If I try to update charts before scrolling down then it fails. If I scroll down to look at the chart, so all charts have been viewed then the function runs fine. It seems as though the bottom chart only initlialises when I look at it on screen as I can see it animating (no matter how long I have waited til I scroll down). This only happens on FF, not IE. On IE when I scroll down the chart has already animated. Is there a way to force this to animate?
  2. Save Chart and Using Links in the Chart

    We too have the same issue with IE. If I save an image of any chart on the page it disables any chart links that are javascript calls (in all charts on the page). Links that are to another page are fine. I get the same behaviour by running a javascript function that exports the data to Excel. Thanks
  3. Legend Font Size

    Hi, Is it possible to have a different Legend font size to the baseFontSize? If so, what it the correct attribute to change? Thanks
  4. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before but... I have a 2d bar chart that the user can click to change 3 other charts on the page to whatever category (bar) they have clicked on. When the value of a bar is zero there is no "hit spot" for the link (as the bar doesnt grow, obviously). But I still want my user to be able to "drill" into this data. Even though the split in another chart that it updates may all be zero too, it also updates a historical chart for that category, in which the value may not be zero for previous months. And so the end user may still wish to see. Is it possible in these instances I can set a link on the axis text label instead? or are there any other workarounds, maybe to make a fake hitspot? Thanks