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  1. Zoomline (JS) with horizontal label

    Hello, We use several zoomline charts [renderer=JS] in our web application. They are arranged in a vertical stack and should therefore render the x-axis label horizontally. Do you know which attribute we must set on the XML? numVisibleLabels is set to 10. Best regards, Markus
  2. Rendering issue with IE 10 (disabled debug console)

    I raised a more general question on and Everett Green managed to find my flaw: console is not always available except the dev tools are activated (F12):
  3. Hello, We plan to release a software that renders charts via java script. It perfectly works in FF and Chrome. However, in IE 10 (disabled debug console) the blank space is not filled. As soon as we once enable the debug console (F12) IE 10 renders all charts. A restart brings up the same misbehavior. (We are forced to use the java script rendered due to the overlapping charts.) Do you have an idea how to tackle this issue? Please let me know if you wish more details from our side. Many thanks, Markus