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  1. Fushion Chart With Powerpoint

    Great. Just what I need. Thx. Case closed.
  2. Fushion Chart With Powerpoint

    Hi Swarnam, I still haven't got the solution yet? The problem still the same. If i created new object it worked, but if i closed the pp and reopened it displayed "No data to display" message. awaiting your solution. Rgrds, Bagus Sutan
  3. Fushion Chart With Powerpoint

    Hi, No clue yet? Rgrds, Bagus Sutan
  4. Fushion Chart With Powerpoint

    Hi, Here we go.. Rgrds, Bagus Sutan
  5. Fushion Chart With Powerpoint

    Hi, I'm using fusion chart for Power Point 2007, but i came with "No data to display" message after "Retrieving data. Please wait " message. It happened after i close the power point and shut down the computer. If I re-created the chart from the beginning it's fine. Could explain why this is happening? what is the issue? Thx in advance. Regards, Bagus Sutan
  6. Problem With 0 Value

    Hi, The problem solved..I made mistake by giving the wrong upperlimit value which the value over the upperlimit set (Is it true if the value over beyond the upperlimit value set, the gauge will not work?) Regards, Bagus Sutan
  7. Problem With 0 Value

    Hi, I'm trying to make realtime led gauge and I'got this one problem (the others work fine). When I set <value>0</value>, the led gauge just silence, did nothing, no activity but when I set <value>4000</value>..viola it runs very smooth showing realtime value. is anything wrong or a bug? and I have to write the dataStreamURL=pass.asp in lower case (it doesn't work in upper case)? regards, Bagus Sutan
  8. label on the right for Bulb..

    Hi, I attached the bulb image. As you see, i want the label inside which change base on the value to put on the right of the bulb (not just a static label). Thanks for the help. Regards, Bagus Sutan
  9. label on the right for Bulb..

    Hi, I tried the xml but i's not what I'm up to. I want the label on the right follow the value of the range as stated. Thx.
  10. label on the right for Bulb..

    Hi, What I meant here, the label of the value as I replaced the value with the label='Low' and activate useColorNameAsValue='1' but I want to put the label on the right of the bulb (bottm as default position)? Thx.
  11. Hi, 1. How can I put the label position on the right of the Bulb? 2. Can I write custom tooltips like if the range 0-1 tooltip='Low' and range 1-2 tooltip='High' Thx.
  12. leg gauge without led

    Hi, I'm developing a page with led gauge but actually i only need the realtime value and not the led. is it possible? to hide the led bar? Regards, Bagus Sutan
  13. Double Y-axis line chart

    Hi Basundhara Ghosal, Sorry I missed that chapter. 1. Can ClickURL properties open new window? for example open page "well.asp?well=KXX01" 2. Why the width 100% sometimes work and other time doesn't (I have to refresh the page again). is it a bug? regards, Bagus Sutan
  14. Double Y-axis line chart

    Hi, Sorry to bring the issue again. I've developed the chart above with dual Y-line style, but the format number the right came up with 40.000 instead of 40 K Regards, Bagus Sutan
  15. Double Y-axis line chart

    Thank you for the reply and it's very helpful. regards, bagus sutan