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  1. Section Highlights

    Hi Please see attached. Thanks
  2. Section Highlights

    Hi to all Is it possible to highlight a section of a bar chart? As an exmple, the results that fall within the top 70% could have a different background colour or a division line from the other 30% Thanks.
  3. Adding anchors to labels update

    Hi BasundharaOnce again, many thanks. Have a great day.
  4. Adding anchors to labels update

    Hi Basundhara Will do! Is it possible to use this with other types of charts? I have attached xml to show what I'm trying to achieve. <chart caption="Contract Periods" showFCMenuItem="0" formatNumberScale="0"> <categories> <category name="<a href="JavaScript:test();">Comp 1 <a/>" /> <category name="<a href="JavaScript:test();">Comp 2 <a/>" /> <category name="<a href="JavaScript:test();">Comp 3 <a/>" /> <category name="<a href="JavaScript:test();">Comp 4 <a/>" /> <category name="<a href="JavaScript:test();">Comp 5 <a/>" /> </categories> <dataset seriesName="No contract"> <set value="4" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="0 - 6 months"> <set value="2" /> <set value="1" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="3" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="6 - 12 months"> <set value="3" /> <set value="2" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="2" /> <set value="1" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="12 - 36 months"> <set value="1" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="36 - 60 months"> <set value="1" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="1" /> <set value="0" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="more than 60 months"> <set value="2" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="1" /> <set value="0" /> </dataset> </chart> Cheers.
  5. Adding anchors to labels update

    Thanks Basundhara
  6. Adding anchors to labels update

    Hi Please can you tell me if this solution was implemented for the the thread "Adding anchors to labels? " Cheers
  7. Using more HTML in tooltips

    Hi to all Sorry to jump in but I would be very interested to see if this is possible as we have a large project to migrate from flat images to something like FusionCharts. Our current images have lots of varied content that needs quite strict formatting and must be maintianed in the new rollout. Many thanks