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  1. Hi, I have a webpage with mutiple views. When i enter the view where the gantt chart is displayed i have the dataloaded, drawcomplete, resized events triggerd. However this happens every time the display setting of the view changes. If i put display:none from the developer tools the 3 events get triggered, and then again when i put display:block. I think this is redundant and takes a lot of time. Can someone tell me how can i skip the triggering of these events? Thank you.
  2. data gets loaded on change of the display value

    Hi, thank you for your reply. I checked the documentation. The trouble seems to be with the dojo integration. If i write the chart from outside the dojo code it will work with constant width. If i call the fusion charts from inside the dojo sequence tha chart will need a resize, which i don't want. If you have some sugestions with the integrations would be great. Thank you
  3. windows 8 slow, unusable

    Hello, The company i work for is considering buying your product for the use of Gantt Charts an the moment. But with the trial version we have had some problems with the slow rendering in windows 8. We want to use fusion charts for the rendering of a gantt widget running on a windows 8 tablet. Now it just crashes. On android it is working but very very slowly. Unusably slow. Is there any advice you can give me? Thank you, Alex
  4. windows 8 slow, unusable

    Right now i can tell you that the xml for generating the gantt chart has 1428 line out of which about 1200 are task tags. Let me know if this is helpful. Thank you, Alex
  5. windows 8 slow, unusable

    Hi, thank you for your reply. The FusionCharts version is 3.3.1. However i'm not sure about the number of data plots. Is there a method returning that number, or is the count of the return of the data base query?