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  1. I am using the Airline Dashboard template and combined this with a java script enabled chart template that I also downloaded from the demos. The page source looks okay but the chart is not rendering .. the browser is saying "1 item remaining" waiting for Index.php .. I saw the comments that FC_Rendered function will be called the first time which should render the XML data .. but that does not seem to happen here .. or may be something else is wrong .. I have attached the source after it was served from the browser. I am able to render the chart in a seperate page with the same javascripting etc .. it is when i try to render it as part of this other page I am seeing a problem. I am referring to the "chart1Var" chart in the attached file. Can you please take a look at the attached file and help me understand the problem. Thanks a lot for your help. Test.htm
  2. Dual Y Axis Chart Issue

    Thats clever .. and it works .. thanks a lot for the help.
  3. Dual Y Axis Chart Issue

    I am using MSColumn3DLineDY for a chart and I have options to select the data series values to be displayed in the chart interactively. I am following the same model as given in this demo: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/JS/Index.html That chart is using a single axis swf and we can select any one product and the chart will display. But when i changed to a dual axis chart, i have to always select one series from the primary axis for the chart to render. I know it probably unreasonable, but is there an option to render the chart without any series belonging to the primary axis. Thanks for your help.
  4. I am using the drill down chart as described in the example http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHP_JS_URL.html There is an updateChart() javascript function to which i would like to send multiple arguments. But when i tried to change the arguments to text files, I am getting error saying 'all command not found'. 'all-regr' is the argument i am trying to pass. Here is the specific code snippet i am referring to. I am copying the definition of the updateChart as i have not changed it from the original. When the argument is a single number like $matches[2] in the case below everything works fine. But when it is a string argument, the browser is trying to execute the argument as a command. I tried various forms of escaping to no avail. I have seen the unescapeLinks comment in a different post and have tried it. But that did not fix the problem either. Thanks for the help. <code> $strXML = "<chart unescapeLinks='0' palette='4' piefillAlpha='34' pieBorderThickness='1' hoverFillColor='FDCEDA' pieBord erColor='666666' baseFontSize='9' useHoverColor='1' showLabels='1' showValues='1' caption='LSF Usage By Project' showShadow= '0'>"; $strXML .= "<category label='all-regr'>"; system("../../../../../../site_overview/mypbstree.pl -l7 -gall-regr| grep Group", $pbsProjects, $retVal); exec("cat text.txt", $pbsProjects, $retVal); $i=0; foreach ($pbsProjects as $projects) { $i += 1; preg_match('/Group = (.*),(d*),(d*)/', $projects, $matches); //Note that we're setting link as updateChart(factoryIndex) - JS Function $strXML .= "<category value='" . $matches[2]. "' label='" . $matches[1] . "' link='javaScript:updateChart(".$matches[1 ].")'>"; $strXML .= "</category>"; } $strXML .= "</category>"; //Finally, close <chart> element $strXML .= "</chart>"; </code>