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  1. I am using fusion charts version 3.3.1 I am using base href in my angular2 app for routing to enable, In my home page there is a chart it works properly , url will be at this time records/reader/ If I click on a link the url becomes now /reader/list here also I have a chart it renders, but palette colors are missing due to url issue in fill attribute, url('https://localhost:8443/records/reader/#rr-103-xr___120_200_166__rgba_0_174_141_1__0-rgba_0_174_141_1__100') instead it should take url('https://localhost:8443/records/reader/list#rr-103-xr___120_200_166__rgba_0_174_141_1__0-rgba_0_174_141_1__100') list is missing in url, svg is not taking current url.
  2. Hi, can anyone help me to choose best chart to display only values of mean median & mode using XT charts.