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  1. FusionCharts.RenderChart("../FusionCharts/Charts/ScrollLine2D.swf", "", strXML.ToString(), chartTitle, Width, Height, False, True, [b]True[/b]) We recently started to use FusionCharts with css layers. At first, we could not figure out how to make the css layer go ontop of the fusionchart but after searching the forum, we read that this is a flash issue and the various tricks to get around the problem. Since all of our charts are called and rendered via .NET, we decided to use the extra transparent override that is built into RenderChart - see the above line of code as a reference to this override flag. However, we have run into a problem that I haven't seen posted in other threads and don't know if there is a correction for this that we are missing. When we attempt to render a chart using the transparency override, we get the following error. As far as I can tell from reading the documentation, all we should need to do to make the transparency override work is to switch the flag to TRUE, correct? Or is there something else that needs to be done? Or is this a known issue with a differing solution?
  2. Random Map Size in IE

    I am doing a follow up to this support thread as I haven't seen any activity since I last provided a copy of the HTML we used to produce the map. Is there anything else I can provide or something I can try to resolve this problem?
  3. Random Map Size in IE

    I have attached a copy of the except of code that generates the map as requested. I did not attach the entire HTML page because I it's essentially a template that works that calls either a FusionChart or a FusionMap depending on what we want to display, and for FusionCharts it works out just fine. But if we need it for debugging purposes, I can supply a full HTML code set as well. mapHTML.txt
  4. Random Map Size in IE

    We started working with FusionMaps recently and have a problem that I have not seen posted in the forums. We have set up maps for the US and if we use IE 7 or IE8 to view the charts, occasionally the charts lose their proper size, the map border, and the legend. The hot spots we have set up still work, but the size is incorrect. If we use FireFox 3 to view the charts, we have no problems with these charts, this problem only seems to appear when using IE. I have included an example of the map in this buggy state below. You'll notice that when it is in this buggy state, it adds some sort of arrow in the upper right hand corner, but it doesn't appear that I can click on it or do anything with this new arrow. In case this might be the helpful to resolving the problem, we are using .NET and it automatically scales the chart to a size that is 300 pixel's smaller then the user's screen resolution. For example, if someone's monitor resolution is set to 1280x1024, then the map is auto sized in the function call to 980x724.