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  1. Hi, I am having issue with the chart View option. I created a special view for my list and included special filter which works properly. Then I wanted to create a chart based on data shown in that view, so selected this specific view on chart menu as a source... When I clicked on View in GRID it shows correct data (What ever that specific list shows), then I go to next step of selecting fields and as soon as I hit APPLY it ignores the special view I craeted and shows all items in the list without the filtering I built into the view.... Can you help to resolve, if you can not dublicate the issue i can share screen shots with you as well Thanks in advanced for your help KHD
  2. Is there a way to create a FILTER option where I will set a list column (which is date) and I can choose < (less than) TODAY (not pick up a date from calendar nor chosing today's date) but expecting filter to dynamically update TODAY everyday... So what I will report out on chart that how many groups past the date on list colum, but the filter date needs to update everyday... Forexample something might be due next week but filter will not catch < (less than) today, however of task is not completed then next week filter should catch it if TODAY automatically updates everyday... Thank you for your response KHD