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  1. Realtime update ticker in Angular Gauge

    Hello Rajroop, thanks for the fast response, I just tried to test your, but I cannot download the same. The link seems to point to something wrong, so I see the forum start page only. Anyway, according your words it looks like it is not what I need. Putting a Flash movie to the background is a nice feature, but it don't gives the user the information that the gauge is really polling data (is alive) or is doing nothing for some reason (shows old data). Such a movie, I guess, will always blink, even if the client is disconnected, or the server is dead. What I asked for, should be in relation to the real-time ticker, e.g. flickers on each new value responded could be a good idea. Than you see how often and if the real-time update is really working. Sorry for the confusion I create with my wishes, meanwhile it looks I have posted this in the wrong forum, it should be better in the "Suggestions & Requests" Regards Achim
  2. Realtime update ticker in Angular Gauge

    Hi all admins, experts, newbies and other freaks, thanks to get such a warm welcome in this forum here. It clearly reflects the good usability of the FusionCharts software we talk about. Oh, yes, I already tested the Message Logger, but for my customers it is far to technical. They like to see colorful grafics with smooth motion, not plain text with a scollbar and a Shift-M key-press combination. For myself, my needs and debugging reasons this message viewer is great! So, I'm searching for something much smaller, which only shows: "I'm alive", the basic view to the nice gauges should not be hindered. I don't want to cover all the effort we spend now in color designs and graphics by a white box. Beside the ideas I wrote in my first posting, I would also like to see a small date/time field somewhere inside the background where the time of the last update is shown. It s a little bit more than only a blinking LED or a jerking dial on every update, but I guess my customers would like this (today I have kept the realtime Angular Gauge open over night, at the morning I was not sure whether it is still showing up-to-date values, so I prefered to refresh the whole page :-( Hope you understand my point. Regards to India Achim
  3. Hi all, I use a FusionWidgets Angular Gauge to display some temperature with real-time update - a very nice feature!!! The only problem I have with this is probably caused by the slow behaviour typical for temperature measurements. I dont see that the value changes, because they do so very slow. Is ther any way to see within the Angular Gauge that it regulary polls for new values, so it is "alive". I could imagine some blinking ticker wich flickers always when the real-time URL is called to fetch new data. i.e. some "LED" beside the Scale or even inside the center of the Pivot. Is there some feature like that? Thanks Achim