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  1. How to show percentage

    @ Sashibhusan: Tanks for this So, there's no automatic function for this? Nah, I guess the percentage will do Having both is nice to have but isn't really necessary for my internal clients anyway
  2. How to show percentage

    I'm sorry to resurrect this old thread, but my query is in line with my original one. The percentage values now show up in the tool tip. But is it possible to show both the value and percentage at the same time, or is that just one or the other?
  3. How to show percentage

    Hi Rishab, Sorry this took a while We prioritized another project and we acquired a license for the new version of FusionCharts, and I'm glad to say that the percentage in the tooltip text is now working! Thank you so much! Poch
  4. How to show percentage

    Hi Rishab, It didn't work for me Here's the code bit: strXML = strXML & "<chart palette='2' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF,FFFFFF' caption='Volume(Percentage) of Tasks by Product' shownames='1' showvalues='0' showSum='1' decimals='0' useRoundEdges='1' showPercentValues='1' showPercentInToolTip='1'>" Did I do something wrong? Here's a screenshot of what shows:
  5. How to show percentage

    Hi, I'm using FusionChart's Stacked Column 3D to display the number of requests per product per month. From the picture above, let's take Jun 2013 as an example. The total number of requests is 348, with the AMS Device getting 169 of that number. Is it possible to show the number by percent (i.e. 48.56%) instead of 169? From what I know, that 348 is automatically computed by the chart via showSum='1'. Thanks, Poch