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  1. Sorry for replying so late .... Enclosed is the Mslinereal.xml file .... Do let me know if you need anything else .... Thanks a lot MSlinereal.xml
  2. Thanks for your response ... But i was more kinda concerned about the outlines .... and the horizontal colored sections .... they are stretching outside the designated area .... Why the real line graph is skewed ... Its like the chart is going outside the chart container ......
  3. Hi I am using Data streaming charts to show dynamic update from a database .... when the data is not being pulled in real time the chart displayed is perfect .... But when the data is being pulled in real time .... the chart looks over stretched .. All the attributes are similar except those which are necessary for real time update .... Chart Attributes for Normal Chart ::: Chart Attributes for Real Time Data Chart ::: Attached are the Real time chart and Normal Chart for Comparison .... Also following code renders the chart for both the types .... i.e normal and Real Time What Am i missing or doing wrong ? Thanks a million in advance .... Chinmay I've put my code in and code tags still they are not showing up .... Please bear with me ...
  4. Hi All, I will be using Data streaming charts for showing real time updates pulled from a database ... I just wanted to know if i am specifying 30 seconds as refresh interval ...... and if there is no new data in the table for next 60 seconds whats gonna happen ? Will there be some kind of error or something ?? :w00t: Hoping to get a quick and excellent reply as always .... Thanks a million in advance ... Chinmay
  5. Hi Saptarshi, That's exactly what i wanted to know .... i am already doing it dynamically when user is specifying the upper and lower limits But how do i manage color ranges when user is not specifying limits (When its not possible for user to imagine the outcome) .... i guess there is no default way in fusion widgets . Thanks for replying Warm Regards Chinmay
  6. Hi All, I am using Angular gauge to show some values which are being pulled from a table and then calculated using some formulas ..... finally the calculated value is shown on angular gauge .... I am giving user the control to select upper and lower limit (or for that matter many other controls for ticks and trend values ... etc. but basically limits are posing problems ) ....... Now my problem is that, in certain conditions ..... the values generated are very small, based on time unit selected by user ... i.e for example the value to be shown is 0.0000456 ...... which the user may not imagine, and give the Lower limit and Upper limit as 0 and 100 resp, which is going to show the dial value so close to 0 so the user may think the chart is not working ..... also which wont look good. So, is it possible in angular gauge to not specify upper and lower limits and that the upper and lower limits are self generated based on value to be plotted ...... (like in fusion charts) ? Moreover .... you can simply forecast the effect of incorrect upper limits and lower limits on color range determination as well .... also how the color range can be made generic if no upper limit or lower limit is specified ..... Please help, Thanks a million in advance, Chinmay Edit : Okay i got the limit issue .... if upper and lower are not specified .... the chart automatically adjusts the limits according to the dial value ...... So now the issue becomes the color range, how to solve this problem, i.e when upper and lower limits are not specified by the user how to divide the color range ? I hope the problem is understood. Waiting for a response.
  7. Thanks a lot for replying man !! Though its not going to help me .... but then what can we do .... I hope it will be introduced or upgraded in near future ... Cheers mate Chinmay
  8. The real time data updating is there in fusionwidgetsv3 but i cant see it mentioned in the fusionchartsv3 ... Please help me out ... is it not possible at all to update Line or Msline charts with real time data ?? Thanks and Warm Regards.