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  1. Right-click menu

    One thing you could try is to catch the Right-Click event in javascript and disable it on your page (without promp message) or in a selected zone? (dunno if it's possible).
  2. Show percentages in Pie/Doughnut charts

    Thanks a lot for these informations. My ShowValue was set to 0 by default and I didn't noticed it.
  3. For the number formatting, I think this link could help you : -> Advanced Charting -> Number Formating -> Basics
  4. Hello I'd like to display, in my Pie/Doughnut charts the "Label, %". In your examples, you do it : However, your code seem to be like that : Finally, in your docs, it says that : So, both showPercentValues and showPercentageValues seem to not work on my stuff. The only thing that appears on the screen is the label, never the "Label, Percentage". What could I do?
  5. convert chart to bitmap image

    Even if it's a long server process, I think that this might be a really important addition to the FusionChart.
  6. If you Right-Click on a Graph (Pie3D) for example, you can switch it to 2D, make the rotation possible, etc. What I want to do is creating HTML buttons that will do the same effect as Right-Click on the chart + Select Option. I read some documentation and I searched in the forum but I found nothing that could help me. I'm using Javascript to render my Graph in the HTML page. FusionCharts is there a way to do something like : myChart.SetRotation() or calling any graph's event? P.S. The [ CODE TAG ] in your forum doesn't work to display HTML code.
  7. IE Problem: Data Displayed Only Occasionally

    Do you use an .NET object to create your div or is it a "hand-made" one? Because in some situation, ASP HTML objects generate UniqueID for the HTML ID tag to be sure that every ID are unique. So, you could first look if you div ID is always the same in every refresh.
  8. Hello I don't know why but the accents (
  9. Auto-Enable the graph's data view (Click after the load)

    Thank you very much! That's what I needed.
  10. Auto-Enable the graph's data view (Click after the load)

    The problem does not appear on Firefox 2.0. Is it a "security" made by Microsoft...?
  11. Hello I have a problem using my graph. Once it's loaded, I always have to click on it to view the data information of each column (depending of its type). I've seen on some examples that it is possible to "skip" this event but I didn't find how to do it. It must work on Internet Explorer 6-7 Someone got an idea? Here is an example of my problem. The black/white dot "rectangle" is my graphs and once I click on it, I can mouse-over a colum and see, in that case : "CORRECTIVE, 1" or "REQUEST, 2". Here is what I would like it to always be : Here is my html rendered code: Thank you very much!